B&B Tiny Houses
Adams Massachusetts. Tiny houses and park models. B&B Micro Manufacturing is one of the largest and most experienced tiny house builders in the world. With decades of combined experience from “big” construction, the B&B team dove head first into learning the nuances of building small, liveable, and mobile spaces in 2015 and never looked back.
B&B Tiny Houses
America's Premier Tiny House Builder. Now, our team of 35 builders has a combined experience of more than 500 years in the building industry. Top quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship and an unmatched commitment to creating lasting relationships with our customers have allowed B&B to quickly become one of the leaders of the tiny house movement.
Liberation Tiny Homes
LEOLA PA Custom tiny homes on wheels within your budget. We offer trailers, shells, design consultation and custom built tiny homes. We are an established team of builders that can help you to reach your full potential
Our team of professionals walk along side you and design, build, and craft your tiny home on wheels
Tiny House Building Company
Fredericksburg, VA From custom windows and doors to loft additions, composting toilets, cabinetry,
siding, roofing, flooring and built-in storage solutions, the possibilities are endless!
Tiny House Building Company
We believe in a collaborative process that is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
Bring us your drawings and other ideas and we will bring your Tiny House dream to life!
Liberation Tiny Homes
Our team of professionals have come together for a common goal: to create beautiful and affordable homes.
Located in beautiful Lancaster County, we build tiny homes that are shipped nationwide.
We design, build, and ship tiny houses on wheels throughout America. Our 65 combined years of experience in the construction industry comes through in the quality of our homes.
Tiny Homes Of Maine
Maine. Like you, Corinne Watson, founder of Tiny Homes of Maine, dreamed of having a tiny home on wheels. Since selling their first tiny home in 2017, Tiny Homes of Maine has been designing and building custom tiny homes and tiny spaces for customers across Maine. The family-owned business is on a mission to make the tiny home dream attainable for more individuals.
Tiny Homes Of Maine
Tiny Homes of Maine offers a customizable design-build solution, including a 3D virtual walk through to help customers envision their tiny lifestyle. “This allows customers to experience the space before they buy, which is so important when going Tiny,” says Corinne. Tiny Homes of Maine can also design, build and deliver mobile offices, retail space, art studios, vacation cottages and more.
Willowbee Tiny Homes
Saugerties, New York Founded in 2017, we are a family-owned and operated small business located in Saugerties, New York. We specialize in custom-built tiny houses that are as unique as our clients and their needs. Craftsmanship and personalization are our priorities. We have over 15 years of experience in construction paired with a design background and the beautiful inspiration of our surrounding Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.
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Quebec, Canada. Our unique tiny houses are distinguished by their layout completely thought out according to the needs of our customers. The mix of steel and cedar gives a modern and timeless look to our units. The wood is in the spotlight in the inside too, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
For us, the minimalist trend represents simplicity, the purity of the lines and surfaces, the refined finish and the maximization of the space. The company is constantly in a learning process to specialize with the new materials and techniques of transgression of space in order to offer a product of exceptional quality. What we want to do in Minimaliste, is it to bring a small breeze of freshness in the world of construction.
Willobee Tiny Homes




WheelPad- Norwich
Vermont. Wheel Pad is a ‘Personal Accessible Dwelling’ - approximately 200 square feet of ADA compliant (we actually surpass all regulations) living space comprised of a bedroom and an attached bathroom. Wheel Pad is designed to be connected to an existing home, allowing loved ones to stay at home comfortably once their mobility changes while ensuring that they have privacy and dignity.
WheelPad - ADA compliant
Wheel Pad XL, our latest model, is 12' wide by 20' long, easily accommodating a queen size bed. Wheel Pad XL has a gabled roof. Ceiling height ranges from 8'7'' at the peak to 7'4'' at the ceiling line.
Almost Heaven Tiny Homes
West Virginia. Simplify and live your Dream
Today's modern world has become so hectic and stressfull. Many long for a simpler, more peaceful life. Tiny Homes can be a gateway vehicle to that place. Almost Heaven Tiny Homes is building tiny spaces that allow you to Dream Big!
Choza Modular
Chesterfield, Va. All Chozas are modular. All modules are built in our factory. The interior and exterior skins are installed on your Choza at the install site after it is put together. We use a clean, modern, manufacturing space to insure high quality, maximum team safety and minimum wasted materials to create a Choza that fits your needs, installs easily and efficiently and provides you years of great memories.
Choza Tiny Home
Unlike lot’s of tiny homes that are out there, we are not limited by the 8 ft width of a trailer frame. Our tiny home models are not on wheels. They are on permanent solid foundations, just like your home. It definitely won’t feel like you’re walking around in an RV. These are luxury tiny homes. We create a space around your lifestyle. The Choza Crew designs unique storage and amenities with high quality luxury materials that reflect the flow of your days through your luxury tiny home.
Almost Heaven Tiny Homes
Re-discover what matters most. Live simply and joyfully. We are building Tiny spaces for Big Dreams. Hand Crafted and Built with Love.
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Granite State Tiny Homes
New Hampshire- With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we provide quality workmanship and design that makes the most of your new space.
Granite State Tiny Homes
Granite State Tiny Homes can custom design the home of your dreams! we search out to find the best products at the best prices. This allows us to create a well built, quality product at an affordable price for our customers. We can customize any of our models to include the materials you desire.
Big B Tiny Homes
Southern New Jersey.
We can ship our tiny homes nationwide!
Big B's Tiny Homes builds luxurious tiny living spaces that display professionalism and craftsmanship. Catered to our client's specific dreams, our NOAH certified homes provide simple living at its finest. Our goal is to turn your big dreams into a tiny reality.
Hudson River Tiny Homes
Hudson, NY- Our Homes
Thoughtful, efficient and environmentally responsible designs, coupled with quality materials, time honored construction techniques for the northeast climate and our attention to detail; will ensure a lifetime of enjoyment in your Hudson River Tiny Home.
Hudson River Tiny Homes
Hudson River Tiny Homes is a tiny house design/build company in upstate New York’s Capital region. We are a family owned and operated business with over 75 years of combined experience in the construction trades.

Whether you are interested in a turnkey package or just a shell that you can complete yourself, we can help make your tiny house dreams come true! Adventure awaits!
Big B Tiny Homes 2
The Big B's team is eager to help you on your journey to tiny living. Whether your desire is to downsize your life and retreat to a slower pace, or if your dream is to find adventure in the lush mountains or at a relaxing beach vacation spot, tiny living offers comfort and simplicity within a deluxe space. Are you ready for your tiny dreams to become a big reality? The team can't wait to help you begin your adventure!
Greenwood Tiny Homes
Paradise PA, Nobody should have to be a slave to their home.
Love life while living simply, eco-friendly, and in style.
Greenwood Tiny Homes
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