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When pulling your tiny home the maximum size, without a special permit, is 13.5' tall x 8.5' wide x 40' long. 65' maximum including the tow vehicle. The size can be larger as some manufacturers include

slide -outs.

If you don't own a pickup truck, that can handle a tiny home, then

outsource the towing to a company.



Visit our campground page for extended lease sites. 

Honey on the Rock by Carpenter Owl
Indiana-There is a double decker deck with a spiral staircase.
The table on the upper deck folds down to reveal a vintage soaker tub.
All of the light fixtures in the house were hand cut.
The whiskey still is hidden inside a copper topped table with a 4K Dwarf brand wood stove on top.
There is a secret door behind a drawing of the home that leads from the the bed .
The bed is kingsize with his and her porthole windows flanking the sides and a 6' wide operable window.
The roof was reclaimed wood.
Honey on the Rock by Carpenter Owl
Custom unique tiny homes. Curved roof with a two story deck.
Northern Tiny Living
Neillsville, WI We’ve seen too many builders cut corners on their designs. Our Tiny Homes are built to withstand the strains of road travel … we guarantee it! Our Tiny Homes, custom builds are our specialty!
Northern Tiny Living
Custom Tiny Homes are our specialty! We work hand in hand with you to ensure you get exactly what you need, down to the smallest details.
Drawing on 20+ years of construction experience, our goal is to bring a durability to Tiny Homes that many other builders lack. Everyone loves a maintenance free home and Tiny Home owners are no exception. Our construction techniques are geared toward addressing the unique stress that a Tiny Home encounters in travel and on location.
Great Lakes Tiny Homes
MT. Pleasant, MI.Level III Complete Tiny House​
All of the above items included from Level II Shell
Walls and roof are fully insulated
plumbing installed
All other finishes and fixtures included and installed
Move-in-ready with basic appliances
Gas Range
Composting Toilet (standard)
Furnace/Water Heater
18' - $42,900.
20' - $49,390.00
24' - $58,190.00
28' - $65,890.00​
32' - $73,590.00
Great Lakes Tiny Homes
Custom Designs
w/ Reclaimed Materials
Built to the Recreation Vehicle Industry association (RVIA) regulations as well as to local building codes
Local zoning ordinance investigation with our unique Zoning Intelligence service
Peace of mind with third party THOW insurance coverage for the state of Michigan.
Zenith Design + Build
WEST DES MOINES, IOWA. On wheels and ready to move! This one of a kind tiny house was built in 72 HOURS!!!! At Zenith Design + Build we believe a remodel or building a home is an experience and a process, both of which are handled with the utmost care to give our home owners the best experience and home their budget allows.
Zenith Design + Build
Hawk Tiny Homes
Martinton IL We specialize in what we consider middle of the road. Without compromise on quality builds ranging from 20 foot up to 32 foot, a minimum of R15 insulation and higher options of being off grid, or fully connected and the opportunity to customize during your build process. Typical build times can be as little as four months. mention offer code: RetiringTiny to receive a $250 appliance credit .
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Zero Squared-Canada
Calgory, Canada. The principles behind the moving of space at site is derived from the benefits of an RV slide out system, however we have engineered the moving of space into a residential solution. Our space is moved via 12V electric motors + simple robust rack and pinion gearing. A control system manages the movement of the space to ensure it stops where it needs to, to guarantee a perfect seal each and every time. Mfg. in Calgory, Canada; sales in US at Austin, TX
Zero Squared
Zero Squared is cultivating a culture around a minimalist lifestyle, we believe that you can downsize your space without downgrading.
Hawk Tiny Homes
We offer top quality and custom builds , 24ft fully finished starting at 45k, or 32ft finished from 63k , lofts and much more , finished shells from 29k and your vision can become a reality! (Mention offer code Retiring Tiny to receive a $250 appliance credit!)
Midwest Tiny Living
St. Cloud, MN "Our philosophy is that if you are going to live in a tiny home it absolutely needs to be built around your lifestyle." We infuse years of construction knowledge, art like craftsmanship and an eye for style in each Tiny Home. If you are interested in becoming an owner we would be happy to help.
Midwest Tiny Living
Since 2015 Midwest Tiny Living has been helping the Tiny House Movement.
Looking for a complete build? Bring your own plan or let us help you design it. No matter your budget we will help you go tiny.
Modern Tiny Living
Columbus, OH. Modern Tiny Living is proud to present the Kokosing, a stunning and functional tiny house on wheels. From its unique navy cabinets, to Acacia flooring, to full kitchen, the Kokosing is truly one of the most beautiful tiny homes on the market. And with its cozy social area, tons of storage, and full bath, the Kokosing is truly the most livable tiny house in the world.
Switch Grass Tiny Homes
Champagne, ILL. It is a 24’ tiny house on wheels with 260 square feet of living space. Simply elegant, it features a modern rustic interior with contrasting colors and materials. A kitchen fit for any chef, it also boasts a combination washer/dryer, full sized bathroom and king sized sleeping loft accessed by the staircase built as storage.
Switch Grass Tiny Homes
“Live life large, go tiny.”
You want a salvaged barn wood accent wall, how about a reclaimed sliding door or vintage bathroom vanity? No problem! At Switchgrass Tiny Homes we love to get creative, it’s what we specialize in.
The Getaway Tiny House
Brooklyn Park, MN. Glenmark Const. Our specialization is in tiny houses. More than simply a trend, tiny houses offer homeowners the benefits of minimal footprint, minimal building cost, and energy efficiency that cannot be beat by a traditional home.

Glenmark Construction will take your tiny house vision and create a custom-designed home perfect for your minimal needs. We also build our tiny homes the ideal size to be transported behind a pickup truck, perfect for the cabin-style tiny home.
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Sierra Tiny Houses
Sierra Tiny Houses is a Northern California and Northern Nevada tiny house builder. We have different models of our tiny houses on wheels (THOW) to give you a variety of solutions to meet your budget and your lifestyle.
Rewild Homes Ltd
We build custom tiny homes on Vancouver Island.
Our focus on using local, high-quality materials and fixtures
ensures that every one of our homes meets the highest
standards of luxury, longevity, and sustainability.
Rewild Homes Ltd
Vancouver Island -We build custom tiny homes on Vancouver Island.
Our focus on using local, high-quality materials and fixtures
ensures that every one of our homes meets the highest
standards of luxury, longevity, and sustainability.
Sierra Tiny Houses
Northern California, Nevada and Beyond
From our location in Northern California or Northern Nevada, our company can deliver a house to anywhere in the US. Check out our featured tiny home models below to learn more.
Plús Hús
Santa Monica
CA - Hús is a 16’ x 20’ customizable modern structure for your backyard.
Plús Hús
Plús Hús is a 16’ x 20’ customizable modern structure for your backyard.
Humble Hand Craft
St, Ventura, CA- Our philosophy starts with an attempt at full circle sustainability in building. By using ethically sourced materials and supporting solar energy, we minimize our carbon footprint.


100% renewable, naturally mold and fire resisitant, wool is our preferred material for insulation.
Made from 80% recycled material, we offer denim as an insulation option.
Humble HandCraft Tiny
Tiny homes were the humble beginning of our business. The option to live simply without sacrificing beauty drives us to create funcitonal elegant homes.
Forever Tiny Homes
COTTONWOOD, CA. Forever Tiny Homes is located in the beautiful valley of Northern California. It has always been our goal to provide multiple sizes, from small to large and within all budgets from DIY to completed units.
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Island Tiny Homes- Hawaii
Island Tiny Homes- Hawaii
Forever Tiny Homes
Every Tiny has to pass our rigorous quality control check system, which includes but is not limited to: propane, electrical & general consumer safety. Our focus is to bring a high quality product at a fair price. RVIA Certification helps with financing, resell & parking

State Licensed Manufacturer

Factory direct prices with our in-house dealer program

NADA listed for market value pricing, which helps with finance & resell

Insurable by major insurance companies
California- Glamp2go model on wheels. 300 sq. ft, 1 bedroom, 1 bath.
Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses
California -We build the best priced certified Tiny Homes anywhere. We believe all people deserve a safe, comfortable and beautiful place to live that is affordable.
Design your own From $47,900.00 to $59,900.00. We have great lenders if you need a loan.
Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins
Washington - Tiny Homes On Wheels From 144 to 400 Square Feet
Dry Cabins And Shells
Duplex and Triplex
Studios and 1-2 Bedrooms
Assisted Living Alternative
Non Toxic
Container Homes
Tiny Home Homeless Solutions
Handicap Solutions
Off The Grid
ADU Built To IRC
DigzPrefab-NYU Design
Oakland, CA -Design + Build - Custom Modular Homes - Tiny Homes - Accessory Dwelling Units
Cheeky Monkey-Sierra Model
309 sq ft, 8.5′ x 28′ and priced at $73,900

This home features a main floor sleeping area as well as a second loft for guests or storage. This spacious home provides a canvas to design your perfect life. The natural light from the many windows illuminates the whitewashed shiplap walls, creating a warm, relaxing hue.
Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins
Tiny Portable Cedar Cabin Certification
Certified and inspected by Pacific West Associates INC
Nothing prefab, custom built to code
Certified with a vin number after strict inspection
Flexible design down to your specifications
All units are built on a superior custom built steel trailer or on skids
All Portable Cabins are built to the ANSI Standard A119.5.
2”X4” to 2″x6″ outer wall construction with R21 insulation, 7/16 OSB Shear, Vapor Barrier and Cedar Lap Siding.
Roof and floor have R21
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Thimble Tiny Homes
Newberg, Oregon- One size doesn’t fit all – especially when it comes to living spaces. Ditch the kit and partner with us to design a tiny house plan specifically around your needs. When you’re working with a small floor plan, every measurement counts towards ease of use and functionality. Leave the building to our expert contractors. We promise to deliver quality that will exceed your expectations.
Thimble Tiny Homes
1 loft and room for a bedroom/living room on the main floor. This unit is currently setup and furnished to be a turnkey Air BNB that sleeps 4.
Overall Tongue -Tail 29 ft
24 Ft Cabin
Trailer Made Steel Frame & Trailer
247 Sf interior (w/loft)
Height 13.5 ft
Width 8.5 ft
Vaulted Ceilings
Hand Made Cabinets & Butcher Block Counter tops
Blue stain pine & Bead board Interior Wall Cladding
Luxury Vinyl Plank Laminate
Tile Shower
Cedar Siding;
Metal Roof
RVIA Certif
Mint Tiny Homes
Northwest US. Mint Tiny House Company has been manufacturing Tiny House RV’s and Park models since early 2014. To date, with our dedicated team we have completed over 100 Tiny house builds and we have grown to become one of the largest Tiny House manufacturers in the Northwest.
Pocket Mansion
West Seattle, WA, I build custom tiny homes to accommodate everyone's unique lifestyle.
I design tiny house layouts, I consult individuals throughout their build, I work alongside builders and companies. I am happy to help at whatever stage you need.
Pocket Mansion
Whether you're building it yourself, hiring a builder or somewhere in between, let me help you make informed decisions to end up with the best tiny house for you.
Mint Tiny Homes
At Mint we have been able to create the cozy feeling of home, while harnessing the benefits of a travel trailer. Each Tiny house RV is fully equipped with a spacious kitchen and high-end appliances so that while owners are living small, their appetites won’t have to.
Minimaliste - Willow
Quebec, Canada- This 260 square foot unit including the loft can perfectly suit a couple or or a single person. We can accommodate up to six (6) people to eat and four (4) to sleep. Its small size and energy efficiency allow it to be used at very low cost in terms of electricity and heating.
Minimaliste- Willow
We can deliver our homes anywhere in North America. This 10 × 22 unit illustrates very well the potential and viability of similar dimensions. It contains all the elements necessary for full-time use. Its interior layout also allows our customers to be able to work from home, which was essential for them. Here are the main lines of this model which can suit several types of people.
Multifunctional lounge area
Minimum footprint
8.5 'width possible.
Tiny Smart House-Monterey Villa
Albany, Oregon. Prices starting at $57,475
Shells starting at $28,738
Lengths available: From 16' - 44'
Standard trailer width: 8' (8'6" outside edge to outside edge), 10' - 12' widths available
Roof: Spanish
Exterior: Shutters & Painted Panels
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Paradise Tiny Homes
Hawaii- As Beautiful Inside as Outside!
Our Tiny Homes are built on super solid trailers making them closer to an RV than typical real estate. They are often referred to as "House-Trailers" and as such are registered with the DMV. Permitting and Planning has no say with vehicles.
Paradise Tiny Homes
Hawaii- Oasis Tiny Home Concept is Unique!
Curved and A-frame High Ceilings
Exposed Beams
Shower Sunroof
Grand Focal Point Dining Bar Window
Local Hawaiian Hard Wood
Washer/Dryer Combo
Pass-Through Window to:
Outdoor Attached Bar
Built-in Storage
Space Specific Furniture
Tiny Smart House- Northwest Mountaineer.
Lighter Travel-Ready Design with Vaulted Ceilings and Great Separation of Space.
Prices starting at $49,225
Shells starting at $24,225
Lengths available: From 16' - 44'
Standard trailer width: 8' (8'6" outside edge to outside edge), 10' - 12' widths available
Roof: Shed
Exterior: T1-11 or Lap Siding
Nelson Tiny Homes-Canada
Each home is a work of art. The quality of craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the custom nature of each house is remarkable! " Nelson Tiny Houses offers a highly customized approach to building tiny homes. The small, family run company builds only 4-5 homes a year and works intimately with each client to provide a completely unique, finely crafted, personalized, fully equipped dream tiny home.
Canada-Nelson Tiny Homes
"Our opinion is that Nelson Tiny Houses is the best tiny house builder in Canada and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a tiny house to be built!”
Tea Cup Tiny Homes
Canada- The CORE VALUE of EXPERIENCE is the root of all that we do. We provide functional designs for people to enhance and enrich their lives. No matter what the design or build may be allowing our clients to live happier, freer, and less tied down by the space around them is our fundamental purpose.
Backcountry Tiny Homes
Vancouver, WA. We offer comprehensive tiny home design & build services for custom tiny homes, changes to existing models, and our standard Mountain Series tiny homes! Our build services include turn-key, turn-key with build assist, and shells.
Backcountry Tiny Homes
Here at Backcountry Tiny Homes we have a combined 35 years experience in the construction, carpentry, and engineering fields. We're here at your disposal to provide advice and guidance from utility hook-up questions to subcontracting services.
Tea Cup Tiny Homes
THE TAGISH-Abundance of storage in bathroom
Easily tow-able
Exterior storage space
Double lofts
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Ready to retire early and travel the country?
This couple was able to realize their dream and retire while still young enough to start their family. They didn’t need a permanent house but didn’t feel that a normal RV provided the feeling of home they wanted to raise their toddler.
Together we designed their home on wheels complete with stairs leading to their stand-up bedroom with queen-size bed and closets on the gooseneck platform, cozy living room, gourmet kitchen, large bathroom with tub.
Lyons Colorado. Length: 26’ + 7’ gooseneck
Width: 8’
Square footage: 376
Heat: Carrier 9,000 BTU mini split system, Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater
Water Heater: Rinnai, on Demand, Propane
Range: RV 3-burner, propane with Oven
Refrigerator: Danby 9.2 cu ft Engergy Star
Cabinets: Custom Rustic Pine Kitchen Cabinets, Closet, Pantry with door Shelves, Bathroom Vanity and Medicine Cabinet
Sinks: Hammered Copper
Bathing: 5’ Tub with Surround
Flooring: Luxury Vinyl Plank, Ceramic tile
Pacifica Tiny Homes-TheVictorian
Pacifica, CA- Creating spacious and affordable tiny homes on wheels.
Each home has some custom options included in the price that you can choose to make the tiny home more of your own.
Our standard models and pricing start at $44,900 for an 18ft. long trailer and are 8'-4" wide.
Big Freedom Tiny Homes
Bellingham, WA. In design, I have one goal in mind: the most livable tiny house possible.
When I set out to build the perfect tiny house I knew I had to maximize space where it is most important: kitchen and bathroom. Also, I had to create a living area that is actually comfortable. I achieved both. My base model is built on a 26' trailer. I also have several variations available in a 28' and 30’ models.
Big Freedom Tiny Homes
I use high-end finishes and details throughout: quartz/granite counter tops, quarry stone or tile backsplash, hard wood flooring, stainless appliances, top of the line on-demand propane hot water heater or electric 30 gallon tank water heater, all LED lighting, cedar-lined bathroom and much much more.
Pacifica Tiny Homes
Tiny Victorian- 18 ft. $44,900 - 211 sq ft. with main loft
20 ft. $47,900 - 228 sq ft. with main loft
22 ft. $450,900 - 244 sq ft. with main loft
24 ft. $53,900 - 261 sq ft. with main loft
26 ft. $56,900 - 278 sq ft. with main loft
28 ft. $59,900 - 294 sq ft. with main loft
30 ft. $62,900 - 311 sq ft. with main loft
Makana Properties
San Diego- Makana Properties is a small family operated company. We have tons of ambition, local connections, and our wits about us. We formed for the sole purpose to create affordable, and even homeless, housing with an organic solution in mind; Privatized Affordable Housing.

Imagine you live in a City with lots of people who can’t afford the rent, and a growing number of people sleeping on the streets. Sound familiar?
Makana Properties
What if some real estate guys put their heads together and could build housing without the lengthy government “assistance” process?

That’s us! And it’s real! Our model of creatively building apartments that are cool and affordable to live in are needed everywhere. And you can do it with us!
Crate Modular
California- We are excited to announce our new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), designed by award-winning Los Angeles firm Lahmon Architects!
Add a unit to your existing single-family home lot for personal use or rental income. Our ADU building plans are pre-approved for use anywhere in California! Factory built housing allows you to order your unit and pick your delivery day.
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Carriage Houses NW tiny
Marysville, WA Carriage Houses NW builds beautiful custom homes for all purposes: vacation home, Air BnB, home office, art studio, mother-in-law apartment or any other purpose you can imagine.

We are more than just “tiny homes”, however! We offer general contracting services, travel trailers, business-to-business options, and DADU/Backyard Cottages.
Carriage Houses NW
Our tiny houses are very competitively priced relative to other professional tiny house options. An important part of our mission is to provide beautiful, high-quality models that are priced to be accessible to most buyers. Our base-model pricing starts below $60,000 and models with full appliance packages begin below $65,000.
Crate Modular
Units arrive complete with:
Solid surface countertops
Solid plywood cabinet construction
2 burner in-counter electric cooktop
Microwave with recirculating fan
Ductless mini-split heat pump
Polished concrete finish floors
Durable Corten steel exterior
TPO roof with scupper for drainage
Tub/Shower, Toilet, Sink, Faucets and all fixtures included
LED lighting
Tiny Healthy Homes
We custom design and build tiny houses. With a commitment to using non-toxic, low EMF (electromagnetic frequency), repurposed and salvaged materials, we work with you to design the tiny house that suits your needs, aesthetic, values, health and sensitivities.
Tiny Healthy Homes
British Columbia- Exterior is Blue standing seams (pro-lock) metal and “open joint” barnwood siding. Roof is a custom, low weight living roof.

Large kitchen with electric oven, apron sink, propane 2 burner cooktop, big fridge, beatle kill blue pine live edge counter-top, and tons of storage.

2x bedroom lofts, Lunos HRV, large double pane windows, painted white pine walls and salvaged Oak ‘open joint’ curvy ceiling.

Dimmable 12v dc lighting, propane on demand hot water at the back ‘bump out
Tiny Mountain Houses
Washington & Oregon Filled with unique touches and hand-selected woods, and coupled with particular attention to detail in the structural and functional aspects of the home, our tiny houses will withstand the bumps and winds of the highway, while looking like a million bucks!
Safe Room Designs And Magic Tiny Homes
California- California Model- All Homes can be customized
* All Homes are Solar Panel, fully electric. No need to plug-in to an external electricity source.
* Backup Generators are available – either Gas or Diesel
* All Tiny Homes come with Built-in HVAC System
* Fireplace can be installed on request
Shipped thru-out US!
Safe Room Designs And Magic Tiny Homes
All Magic Tiny House Interiors are customized for each Client. Traditional American Interior Industrial Interior Modern Interior Natural Wood Interior
Tiny Mountain Houses
A family owned company.
28’ foot home with side entry is one of our larger homes, includes a main floor separate living room, extensive kitchen cabinetry and counter space. Dual large lofted bedrooms offer plenty of sleeping or lounging space, stair option available. Residential sized bathroom with 48″ shower (60″ shower or tub shower available) includes a large linen cabinet, toilet and sink with base cabinet.
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Mega Tiny Homes
La Grande, OR. We have many people in the Grande Ronde Valley that do not have the ability to own a home due to the shortage of properties available and the price of the homes when they do come on the market. We want the dream of home ownership to be available to everyone. We strive to build and provide the most durable and long lasting Tiny Homes on the market for our community. Our Mission: To build a Tiny Home for you that is built above and beyond industry standards.
Mega Tiny Homes
We build 8.5 ft wide Tiny Homes that you can legally pull anywhere your heart desires to go! We also build beautiful over width and height Tiny Homes that need permitted to move. We offer moving and set up services to make sure your Tiny is brought to you just the way you like it - where we do all the work and you move in and enjoy your Tiny!
Seattle Tiny Homes
Seattle, WA. Live Free. Live Simple. Live Tiny Seattle Tiny Homes specializes in tiny structures on wheels. We believe smaller abodes create serenity and simplicity, and are better for the environment. You can use a tiny structure as a home, a mother-in-law apartment, a retirement cottage, an extra bedroom for a college student, a home office, or a studio. We personalize your home and build it to the highest standards of quality. All our completed structures are licensed as RV travel trailers.
Far Out Tiny Homes
Boulder City, NV. A CUSTOM BUILD
COMPANY! We specialize in custom built tiny homes on
wheels, container
homes, and mobile business units.
Far Out Tiny Homes
There is absolutely no substitute for authenticity. While we worked through shrinking pains we picked up some very useful knowledge along the way. Let us help you design a space that fits your needs!
Seattle Tiny Homes
our Tiny Home Should Be as Unique as You
The way you live in a tiny space is different from everyone else. So why settle for a home that’s not designed with you in mind? Since 2010, Seattle Tiny Homes has been offering a full range of options to create the perfect tiny house for you, built to the highest standards. It’s our promise.
Vintage Cottages
KEIZER, OREGON The typical good
quality 180 sq. ft. -
300 sq. ft. Tiny House or Cottage built by others now cost an average of $65,000 - $75,000 and even higher! An important part of our mission at Vintage Cottages is to make available to you a cottage solution that will provide a high quality guest and backyard cottage solution for nearly half of that price
Vintage Cottages
121 Tiny Homes
Bend, OR. Our homes are built with steel, which is 25x stronger and 40-60% lighter than wood, and everything is built in our indoor shop, out of the elements.
we can put your tiny house on a foundation, so if you're thinking about an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), we can do that.
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California Tiny House
Fresno, CA. The California Gallery line features tiny homes with lost of customizable layouts and finishes, with styles ranging from classic to modern and everywhere in between. Gallery incorporates many components from some of our favorite
past projects, as well as exciting new concepts.
California Tiny House
Building many custom tiny projects over the years, we've noticed frequently recurring themes and feature requests. In an effort to make designing and purchasing your perfect tiny home more approachable we are starting a program featuring pre-priced models organized into three style categories. This exciting new tiny program is just beginning but we have big plans with lots of cool models and new site features in the works.
121 Tiny Homes
Want to build your own tiny home? We offer kits and shells to get you there. Want us to build it for you? We've got you covered! Want to learn more about design, code, zoning, and overcoming the hurdles of going tiny, like financing and insurance?
Everywhere Company
Indianola, Utah. The Haven is a 38-foot long, 5th wheel-style masterpiece on wheels. This is truly luxurious mobile living and is bound to keep you feeling like nomadic royalty wherever you park it. Inspired by the sleepy north-central California coast, chill days and surf are not far beyond the front door. Bright warm whites and cool blues are some of the colors that come to mind when thinking about this model. Underneath the home is a fabricated trailer with electric brakes on all axles.
Everywhere Company
Sleeps up to 7
3 sleeping areas + couch

Sustainable Materials
Renewable components

Air-tight and insulated

Mobile and Transportable
Have it moved or do it yourself

Solar Ready
Wired for off-grid power

Energy Efficient
Lights and appliances
Put Your Tiny House Picture Here
Put Your Tiny House Picture Here
Put Your Tiny House Picture Here
Put Your Tiny House Picture Here
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