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I am very excited to start my website on two of my favorite passions. Five years ago, I called a local builder and asked if they built tiny homes or park models. He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I live in the Midwest, which has its advantages but we can be behind the times. Now, when I talk tiny homes among different people that I meet, they finally know what I am talking about. 

 I grew up in a very creative atmosphere including clay work. My parents had a kiln which created many unique designs. So I designed clay impression boards so others can also create unique designs.

My passion is to live a more simple life, "less worries, more living". To share my ideas to make it easier for your choices as your life changes. 


have a tiny home to and afford travel|less worries more living|how to choose a tiny home

Give me an ocean, stream, lake--basically water and my inner soul is happy! Also adding a glass of wine helps!

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