Simplify- Live Tiny Hand Stamped disc with Cultured Pearl

Simplify- Live Tiny Hand Stamped disc with Cultured Pearl

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Fine pewter disc handstamped with a message of Simplify -Live Tiny. A great reminder of the tiny house movement and also to make life easier to simplify. Hung on an 18" sterling plated chain with a freshwater pearl! Each letter is individually stamped by hand making every piece it's own unique creation! Also, the letters will not be perfectly straight- this adds to the charm of a handstamped, handcrafted piece! The spacing in between letters and names will not be perfect either.

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    Our jewelry is not waterproof, we recommend removing when showering or swimming.
    To clean your piece we recommend using a small polish pad. 

    All pewter naturally tarnishes, and there are many different factors- climate, lotions, etc., that might cause your piece to tarnish faster than others.

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