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What do I look for in an RV Campground?

Your contentment as you enjoy your retirement years should be the focus.

What do you enjoy most as you approach retirement? Your RV campground location should provide you with items on your bucket list!


If you don't plan on moving often then the RV campground needs to offer permanent or semi permanent lots. Some campgrounds also allow their lots for sale vs renting. Also check to see that tiny homes are allowed or a larger park model RV home. Our lists of campgrounds is a great avenue to help you with choices as they all allow long term camping for either tiny homes, park models or both.

Lifestyle Checklist

  • Mountains, water or desert? Close enough to visit family or grandchildren?

  • Country or closer to larger city due to health accommodations?

  • Is shopping, entertainment, flea markets, art, farmers markets on your must have list?

  • Is an age restricted campground a must so you feel a part of the retirement community or would you enjoy having children around?

  • A gated community so safety is a great concern?

  • Lots of activities such as clubs, dancing, birdwatching, pickle ball, golf, potlucks, firepits, etc. Or simply a quiet place to fish, hike, swim, and enjoy nature in peace.

  • Weather concerns such as humidity, too dry air, tornado or hurricane area? No place is perfect, just what you are willing to live with and to maintain your lifestyle. A great research tool online to compare different locations is at

Campground Regulations

  • Are pets allowed? If so, is there a restriction on dog size? Some have dog parks on site.

  • Can you add to your home extra improvements such as a storage shed, garage, enclosed patio?

  • Is there enough room for your vehicles and retirement "toys" such as four wheelers, motorcycle, snowmobiles, boat?

  • Where do you pick up your mail or packages?

  • Are flower planters, hot tub, or fire pits allowed? Does that create obstacles for their landscaping and mowing abilities?

  • If in a tornado or hurricane area, is there a safety building?


  • Does the campground have any camping workers so you can receive some reduction in lot rent?

  • Is your lifestyle comfortable on a lower budget or do you prefer a more luxurious style?

  • How often does the campground increase their lot rent? Is there an average yearly cost of living increase?

  • Does the lot rent include site wide wi-fi or is it located in a common area? Speed of wi-fi? What utilities are included, such as garbage removal, electricity, water, sewer? Cable TV, or Dish?

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