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How to downsize and declutter my home.

Updated: Mar 1

how to downsize and declutter

After moving and downsizing as I got older, I finally realized that more stuff means more stress. How to organize my home? Was one of many questions. Marie Kondo's advice in her book is, the less stuff you have in your life, the less stress you feel. I started downsizing as soon as all of our children left the house, for their own lives. This is what I learned.

  • First ask you children, since we are downsizing, is there is anything you would like out of our home. But, I asked too often which brought on some awkward moments, such as, "we already have our own stuff". Stop asking!

  • I felt so much relief from decluttering my home. Most went to a local charity so other people could enjoy what I have enjoyed for years. Time to let go of excess stuff. It helped me feel better with less clutter.

  • The sentimental items are always the hardest part of how to declutter your home. I took photos, in my memory, but also for a web photo book and photo keepsakes.

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