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How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Updated: Mar 2

Declutter the kitchen by donating old dishes to food banks, donating unused appliances

declutter your kitchen

and dishes to families in need, and by organizing the utensils in your kitchen so they are easy to find.

Cleaning up the kitchen is one of the most tedious and difficult tasks! But it can also be one of the more rewarding ones. Follow these 6 kitchen decluttering tips to get your kitchen back in shape.

No matter the size of your kitchen, adding these organizers will save you time and give you inspiration and take out the challenge of organizing and decluttering your kitchen.

Our kitchen organizing tips

1.) Use a bin to store items, to save from reaching around, by simply taking out the bin to find what you need and replacing the bin. It also keeps you declutter kitchen cabinets. These are also handy to use in a refrigerator.

Rating 4.8 out of 5. 25,451 ratings. Review: Got these on sale and it was well worth it! The large was not as big as I was expecting and they have an interesting curve at the ends so it’s a little wider than the area you can actually use but they keep my fridge neat and prevent any spills. I really like the two sizes and plan to check out the other sizes as well.

2.) Use your extra vertical space by adding a riser, for a layer to accommodate more items, in your cupboards.

This product is from a small business brand. Rating 4.5 out of 5. 3,046 ratings. Review: They are easy to assemble. I wish they had taller ‘legs’ for putting things underneath that are a bit taller - but I feel that way about all cabinet storage lifters. These ones definitely aren’t flat tho on the top - they are a bit higher at the edges where the legs are & sink a bit in the center, so don’t plan on putting a bunch of things on it that will topple over on each other- perfumes, hair products etc. But it’s great that it has legs on the bottom instead of bars that go across the whole bottom underneath. I appreciate the little rubber guards on the ‘feet’ for being able to adjust them to level it & avoid scratching the bottom of the cabinet. I think they are a good purchase depending on what you want to put on the top. Perfect for towels or anything that isn’t small/tips over easily. Kitchen - nothing too heavy, but boxes of Mac ‘n cheese etc - things like that with a larger base, perfect.

3.) Use utensil trays not only for silverware but also works well for small kitchen gadgets. Plus a tray organizer for your plastic storage/freezer bags.

Rating 4.4 out of 5. 2,280 ratings. Review: Product arrived in good condition. Super easy to load up with baggies and label. Multiple labels are included for swapping out. Family loves it!

Rating 4.8 out of 5. Ratings 5,256. Exactly what I hoped. It finally helped me make some sense of my crazy utensil drawer. I love that it adjusts to the size of the drawer, and gave me plenty of room for everything I needed to store. It’s so organized now! Plus it keeps the sharp knives tucked away, instead of just loose in the drawer where they can cut me.

4. Instead of keeping a knife rack on your counter, cluttering your kitchen, use on inside a drawer. Hidden from view, but still handy.

Rating 4.8 out of 5. Ratings 1,178. Review: My husband and I love this knife storage. The knifes are no longer half on the counter and half in the block. I love how you choose what type of knives you would like to store. Our counter blocks always allowed us to only have one per type and we three cleaver type knives and limited other knives. Finally a cleaner counter and we both know where all of the knives are located!!!

5.) Use an organizer for your pop, beer, beverage cans. This may be used in a cabinet but it also works in the refrigerator.

Rating 4.3 out of 5. Ratings 3,150. Review: I no longer have to use one of my veggie drawers for beer and sodas :) - love the topper on this so I can still have shelf space for yogurts and small items

6.) To easily reach your spice collection , use either a rack attached to the back of your kitchen cabinet door or use one inside a drawer. Easier to read labels without digging in the cabinet for the correct spice.

Ratings 4.7 out of 5. 7,092 ratings. Review: I love how organized my spices look now. This spice organizer allows me to find what I am looking for so much easier. It does take up quite a bit of room in your drawer and if you have a lot of spices, chances are they might not fit across if your drawer is not large enough so be sure to take note of measurements. Otherwise, highly recommend!

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