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Have trouble decorating your tiny home?

Updated: Mar 2

decorating your tiny home

 Have trouble decorating your tiny home? Here, we’ve gathered a few excellent small space design ideas. 

Small Space Design: Tiny Home Ideas

Space management in a tiny home is one of those things you need to get right. If not, you’ll likely have several challenges on your hands. For instance, you might have trouble retrieving items while trying to keep things organized. You could also find yourself struggling to find a place to keep your essentials because there’s far too much clutter around.

What’s worse, if your tiny home isn’t properly set up, you could inhibit the flow of air,

leading to an increased level of humidity. With that comes the peculiar challenge of mold buildup in dark and wet corners of the home, leading to health challenges.

Luckily, it’s possible to avoid all these by leaning into tiny home ideas, which ensure that your small space design is as efficient as it is visually appealing. We’ve curated a few of these ideas for you.

The Best Small Space Design Ideas

You can use several tricks to create the illusion of spacious surroundings. These design ideas cover each aspect and give you a perfect home setting.

Study the Architecture Thoroughly

Examining a house’s construction is the first thing you should do before designing it. There are several unused nooks and crannies in every household. Sometimes, a large piece of furniture may cover a crenellation or a niche in the wall. To create extra storage spaces, you can use wall indentations like crenels, bays, alcoves, and cavities.

You can also use these spaces to make room for any extra decorative items you may have around. This method would help create a more pleasant and spacious look for your place.

Technically, this is more of a valuable piece of advice than an actual design idea. But, it’s still incredibly important to keep in mind if you intend to succeed with your home modification project.

Mount Your TV

While modern television sets are much more compact than before, they still take up a decent amount of space. After all, if you get a TV, you’ll need a stand to place it on. It’s even worse if you have an assisting sound system, which could easily take up your entire room. However, a simple trick can save you loads of surface area – mounting your TV.

You could avoid buying extra bulky tables if you mount your TV. You can also put a sound system in your living room that is easy to hide. Modern home theater systems have speakers that can be tucked away behind lamps. But putting the speakers on the walls would make them easier to reach and give you more space and better sound.

Use More Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors are a great way to make any small space seem larger. A hall of mirrors seems to go on endlessly due to the illusion of reflective surfaces. Similarly, mirrors can make your tiny home seem large.

However, it would help if you placed these mirrors strategically to gain all of their benefits. If you have a narrow corridor, you might want to add a long mirror on one side. This placement could seemingly double the size of the hallway. You can also use large mirrors in your bathrooms or powder rooms.

Mirrors are not the only reflective surfaces that create the illusion of ample space. You can also use shiny tiles for your floor and wall trim. Lastly, this idea could work great on granite surfaces like your kitchen island and the surrounding panels.

Avoid Using Unnecessary Items

This is the most obvious solution to making your home feel less cluttered. Make a mental list of everything you own and determine its needs. Consider getting rid of one item that serves the same purpose as another. For example, if you have two washing machines, switch to one.

A tiny home cannot hold many people, anyway. So, stocking up on several appliances would be pointless.

Apart from appliances, though, you can always repurpose something useless. Any paintings, posters, or art you have lying around can make an alluring art wall. Walls like these also help in giving a tiny room a more majestic look.

Know Which Colors to Use

Color selection is an integral part of the interior design process. A suitable color palette can turn a dull and congested room into a magnificent one.

If you have too many belongings and showpieces, selecting a neutral color palette would be best. It's also best to use as few colors as possible since too many colors can overwhelm the brain. Specifically, you may feel suffocated inside a small room with multiple loud colors.

Generally, the best colors for tiny houses are pastel shades with even tones. Select a soft color and use its variations to adorn the rest of the room. Colors like these can help reflect sunlight well and create a pleasing environment.

Furniture to Add Storage

If you lack storage space, you could start by turning your furniture into small storage areas. For example, if you use a large mirror above the bathroom sink, you can create a tiny cabinet behind or beneath it.

You can also use furniture that doubles as an extra surface area when needed, such as getting a dining table with small hide-in chairs. So, when you don't need the dining chairs, you can simply push them under the table.

Best Tiny Home Ideas - Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect way to design your tiny home can be frustrating. This is especially true if you moved out of a larger home with far too many sentimental or valuable pieces to store. However, the task is easy with the right small space design ideas. Use tricks like reflective surfaces and ideal color palettes to achieve the look of your dream home.

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