Health Benefits Of  Camping 

by Jen Stark. Editor from Happy Diy home     

1.  Return To The Natural Circadian Rhythm

Humans are naturally set to follow the patterns of the day. We do the majority of our activities during the day and as soon as dusk sets, we sleep. This not only provides ample sleep time it reduces the stress levels. While in our normal lives, we get used to the artificial light, which distorts our sleeping patterns. Therefore, we stress our bodies as they try to adjust to the added light hours and increase our stress levels due to reduced sleep time. While camping out, a research on the campers showed that people have a better adjustment to natural sleeping cycles as compared to the people living in artificially illuminated rooms. The stress and anxiety levels were lower too in comparison (1).

Bottom Line: Camping allows one to resume their natural circadian rhythm, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and a host of other health problems.

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