As our nation ages, such as "baby boomers", we like to keep close to family. But not to infringe on our families household independence. These units provide flexibility, privacy and independence while helping financially. They also serve any age experiencing limited mobility. 

Some units can be attached to the main house, others can be built as a stand -alone unit.

Check your local city housing authority


Vermont- Delightfully efficient in a small form, each interior features pleasing design seamlessly integrated with accessibility features like a built in ceiling track, spacious bathroom with curb-less shower, and appropriately placed outlets & switches. WheelPad is built with materials that are meant to last, from renewable and non-toxic sources. High R-values keep heating & cooling costs to a minimum, and the finishes result in little to no off-gassing so you can breathe, and rest, easy.
WheelPad - ADA compliant
Wheel Pad is designed to be connected to an existing home, allowing loved ones to stay at home comfortably once their mobility changes while ensuring that they have privacy and dignity.
California- DIGZ prefab from NYU Designs
Design + Build - Custom Modular Homes Accessory Dwelling Units. ADUs are an affordable type of home to construct in California because they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured parking, or elevators. Ships Nationwide.
Zero Squared
Austin, Texas. Zero Squared's modular housing solution provides our customers with multiple Accessory Dwelling configuration options from 400 square feet up 800 square feet.
Zero Squared
ZeroSquared provides planning and permitting services to our customers. We will work with you and your local municipality to ensure your home is built in compliance with local regulations. Our homes are factory built and delivered to site. This means limited disruption onsite and shorter lead time to your completed project saving you time and money!
We design & build Modern Prefab Homes in the Bay Area to be delivered almost anywhere. If a Moving Truck can get there – your new Factory Built home can as well. Call us and we can review your location in more detail.
Lakeside Luxury Park Model
Various locations- South & East US. With modern twists on classic designs, The Highland Park Model offers a sophisticated yet cozy place to rest your head. This cottage is wheelchair accessible and has two queen size bedrooms, each with their own separate bathroom and a full kitchen.
Lakeside Luxury Park Models
Built in Alabama
Highlander-MODEL NUMBER LS-112
Lakeside Luxury Park Models are built with pride in Addison, Alabama. We are owned by Clayton Home Building Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company and are operated by a knowledgeable and dedicated team committed to bringing high quality, luxurious park models to our retailers, communities and to park model buyers.
Marysville, WA Modern DADU
Introducing our Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit! The backyard cottage of your dreams – built to stand on permanent foundation.
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Age  In Place

ADU Units
Accessory Dwelling
Makana Properties
San Diego California- Makana Properties can help you, but we're only interested in studio container ADU's, aka "Granny Flats" We can help you accomplish this; just shoot us a line
Our roles should you hire us...
- Qualify your property
- Aid in finding financing when necessary
- Coordinate any upgrades necessary (ie electrical panel, hardscape, etc)
- Coordinate architectural design and planning
- Coordinate submittal for permit
- Coordinate pre-consruction
- Coordinate final hook-ups.
Makana Properties
Makana Properties is a small family operated company. We have tons of ambition, local connections, and our wits about us. We formed for the sole purpose to create affordable, and even homeless, housing with an organic solution in mind; Privatized Affordable Housing.
Carriage Houses NW
Base model, $78,000. Customize with upgrades; appliance pkg, murphy bed. Stack & connect 2 DADU's side by side with a breezeway in-between.
Backyard cottages simplified.
It’s easy, we do everything – permitting, site preparation, foundation, utility connections, construction, and inspections for a detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU). You pick size, style, colors and finishes.
Bellevue, WA. Three standard sizes, as well as custom options of DADU/ ADU depending on your needs.
Small: 250 sq. ft
Medium: 370 sq. ft
Large: 410 sq. ft
Extra Large: up to 1000 sq. ft. Our exclusive Karry Beam foundation system removes the need for heavy machinery and pouring concrete. This superior method lowers costs and reduces your environmental impact.
Seattle, WA. 575 sq ft total with a 390 sq ft footprint.

This Laurelhurst cottage features a green roof, open web trusses, a compact kitchen, and a ship’s ladder to the bedroom below (also accessible via stairs from outside).
California- We are excited to announce our new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), designed by award-winning Los Angeles firm Lahmon Architects!
Our units arrive complete with:
Solid surface countertops
Solid plywood cabinet construction
2 burner in-counter electric cooktop
Microwave with recirculating fan
Ductless mini-split heat pump
Polished concrete finish floors
Durable Corten steel exterior
TPO roof with scupper for drainage
Tub/Shower, Toilet, Sink, Faucets and all fixtures included
LED lighting
Microhouse is an award-winning collaborative passionate about the design of backyard cottages, small houses, and their communities. We take pride in creating innovative designs that are closely tailored to our clients' needs. At microhouse we are the Seattle experts in the design and permitting of backyard cottages. We are here to help our clients create small homes that exceed their expectations.
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Small House Solutions
Austin, Texas. ST ELMO STUDIO - ADU - 300. Small House Solutions specializes in customizing your new home to meet your desires, style, and budget, all the while drafting in accordance with common architectural principles. Our design approach considers topography, sunrise/sunset, view-points, balance, movement and more.
Small House Solutions
Our team loves unique planning and building. We prefer unique all around. There’s enough “blah” out there. Let’s build something unique together. Aesthetically unique. Architecturally unique. We’re all for it!

Our structural engineering partners won’t mind either. They’ve come to enjoy our unique projects. Our entire team is excited about new, unique, alternative ways and styles of living.
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